Why subscribe?

I think it’s pretty simple: If you enjoy the content I produce and can afford to put money towards it, then subscribe. Each subscription means that I both have more time to spend on creating and encourages me to spend that time doing so. The end result for you is that you’ll get more of the content you enjoy, and hopefully see it continually improve in quality.

In terms of the technical benefits, there’s the obvious full access to my writing and the functions of the website. This refers to all my long-form content on Substack, like full chapters of projects, short stories, and similar things.

Stay up-to-date

The way Substack works you don’t even have to come to the site to see what’s new, it informs you of new posts directly to your email. How cool is it to get new and interesting creative writing directly delivered to your inbox?

Join a community

If there’s one thing that surrounds writers it’s the discussion of writing. Hang out in the comments, provide feedback, interact with other interested people. You’ll also sometimes get a chance to influence which projects I focus on, be a beta-reader, and help figure out other cool subscription benefits.

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